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    May 15th 2020

  • Dr. Levin will provide an intriguing presentation mixing old and new developments concerning biotensegrity and will give an updated and expanded version of his famous Biotensegrity 101 talk. This will be of interest to seasoned biotensegrity proponents as well as newcomers to this model of living architecture.

    Packed with essential gems that ensure you not only understand the basic science and foundational principles of biotensegrity but also the most up-to-date observations.

    This is a presentation that is a fitting way of capping off 45 years of Dr. Levin’s pioneering work.

  • This presentation looks at the basic principles underlying the biotensegrity concept and how they change the way we think about the human body.’

  • Dr. Levin will answer delegates questions following his presentation.

  • Using Dr. Eite Veening' (PhD in Philosophy) theory of Triadism, a novel philosophical theory offering practical advantages when compared to monism and dualism will be used as a frame. Based on Iain McGilchrist's book (The Master and His Emissary, The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World) and David Nicholls’ (The End of Physiotherapy) links will be presented to the influences of modern societies on the way bodies are used in this timeframe. All this in parallel with findings in astronauts, presented at the 10th Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back and Pelvic Girdle Pain in Antwerp, Belgium end of 2019

  • All functional movement begins with an intention to move from an initial posture and ends in an end posture after a goal oriented execution of the movement. In this process, several systems are used, as well as different internal and external forces.

    This session will give an overview (that is as complete as possible) of the course of a movement: its neurogenic origins, muscle fibre recruitment, the role of connective tissue and its properties, and the different forces used, as well as the control over the movement.

  • Dominique will explain why biotensegrity in the body is such a logical point of view, because of the embryology, architecture of cells, fascia, bones… and because of observation of biomechanica in the body which we cannot explain by the lever system.

    This presentation will provide people new to biotensegrity and those having more experience with the biotensegrity model with an excellent set of science based explanations concerning biotensegrity.

  • A Fascinating presentation that will identify the real guidance for “Guided stress transfer”

  • This talk will consider how profoundly biotensegrity applies to subtle forms as an essential foundation to understanding biologic forms, structure and their animation.

  • An Applied Biotensegrity Model for Children with Special Needs. The presentation gives insight into how ideas originating in the Biotensegrity Conceptual Framework have been helping children and adults with Special Needs and severe conditions in the ABR Program. We will show how Biotensegrity related concepts and Ideas are being applied in both the evaluation and assessment of severe conditions and can be effectively utilized as a diagnostic tool. Comparisons of results and progress under therapy are shown as well as a description of how the Biotensegrity Framework have fueled the unique and specific ABR technique development.”