About The Event

Every year the Biotensegrity Interest Group (B.I.G.) meet in an informal gathering to investigate advancements, deliver presentations on new research concerning biotensegrity and fascia and review progress for biotensegrity.

In May 2020 the B.I.G. meeting is taking place in Solihull, UK and following this meeting of recognised biotensegrity experts and authorities, we are inviting interested therapists of every stripe to an exciting one day event for all those involved in movement and manual therapies.

We recognise how busy therapists are and how difficult it can be to take two or three days away from a busy practice (not to mention your families) and so we hope you will agree that one day is the perfect option for busy professionals.

This one day event will offer all delegates the unique opportunity to mix with the presenters and speak directly with industry leaders and recognised fascia and biotensegrity experts.

This one day event has the potential to positively change the way you think about human movement, pain mechanisms and therapeutic interventions for your chronic pain patients.

Come away with a renewed enthusiasm for the connected body that is biotensegrity

Become a participant in this growing new paradigm

Engage with world leading experts and put your questions directly to our speakers

One day- Endless possibilities


voco™ St. John’s Solihull
651 Warwick Road,
Solihull, UK


May 15th 2020
9am to 6pm

What you’ll get from this event

A unique one day biotensegrity focused experience

8 of the world’s most renowned biotensegrity experts

Fit all the learning into just 1 day

Lunch and Refreshments included

Network with your peers

Our Presenters

All biotensegrity experts